Together we grow in faith – through worship, formation, mission, and fellowship – for the sake of the world.

Worship this week

Sunday, July 12, Livestream Worship at 9:00am

Join us for worship, livestreamed at 9am!
Bulletin here: July 12, 2020

Note: see below for a Word about Communion

Outdoor Worship Experiences

Wednesday, July 8, 9am

Join us on our back patio, by the Memorial Garden, for prayer and music; bringing chairs or seating is recommended! In accordance with our “Plan to Regather,” registration is required and limited to 50; masks are encouraged, and social distancing precautions are mandatory. Register here: https://clcvalpo.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/461070

Thursday, July 9, 7:30pm

Join us for outdoor worship in our back circle drive and grassy area — bring your own seating equipment suggested! It will be a time of prayer, music, and reflection. In accordance with our “Plan to Regather,” registration is required and limited to 50; masks are encouraged, and social distancing precautions are mandatory.  Please note we adjusted the start time to 7:30 to let the sun go behind the building! Register here: https://clcvalpo.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/461072

Costa Rica Mission Team Presentation

The CLC Costa Rica Mission Team and our partners in Costa Rica didn’t give up when all travel stopped! The team had been preparing and learning through the whole year, and met with partners in Costa Rica via Zoom on a weekend retreat in June. With the youth on the team taking some leadership, the team wants to share their learning with the whole congregation – watch their presentation here: https://youtu.be/-U3uz_OMrt8

Private Prayer in the Sanctuary
While large gatherings of singing people aren’t the best indoors, the CLC Sanctuary is a space that has nurtured our lives of faith and prayer, and can still do so! Follow this link to schedule some time of prayer for yourself in the sanctuary: https://calendly.com/clcvalpo/private-prayer-in-the-sanctuary?month=2020-07. We’re starting with Tuesday mornings, but please email pastors(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)clcvalpo.org if you are in need of a different timeframe.

A word about Communion:

While we keep ourselves separate to steward each others’ health, we are including Holy Communion during our livestream on Sundays. Our goal is to experience Communion together, even while apart; immediate, not something available as a recording that someone might use later; organic, not something prepackaged or purchased; safe and accessible, so people don’t need to travel/have contact with others to pick things up. Please note: extraordinary times like these require us to depart from our usual practices. We all eagerly look forward to the time when we can leave these extraordinary measures behind and return to safely gathering in person on Sundays, as is our norm!

Here’s what you need to prepare in advance: Before Sunday’s service, choose a plate and cup that you will use for Communion in your space. Find some bread (whatever kind works for you; even a cracker can do in a pinch) and, if you have it, grape juice or wine. Note that if you don’t have grape juice or wine, that’s perfectly OK; our theology teaches that receiving Christ in one element (i.e. just bread or just wine) is more than sufficient! You can leave an empty cup ready as a sign of that overabundance of blessing. We also recommend having a candle handy, which you can light throughout the Sunday service, if that is safe for you, to help create a worshipful space in the midst of our homes which are also offices and schools in this time!

CLC “Plan to Regather”

As we live together in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CLC has created a “Plan to Regather” to guide our next steps.  It specifies three phases for our life together: “Safer at Home” (where we’ve been), “Limited/Hybrid,” and “Temporary (New) Normal.”   We plan to begin moving into our Limited/Hybrid phase on or after June 15, depending on Porter County trends with COVID-19 and relevant guidance.  At this time we do not have a designated time for moving into “Temporary (New) Normal,” nor when we will be able to return to “the way things used to be.”

Probably the question most on our minds is “When can we come back to worship together?”  Guidance from medical professionals, our denomination, and our Indiana-Kentucky Synod continue to warn that in-person worship is a high-risk activity, and the steps needed to address that risk affect nearly every part of how we are used to worshipping together.  At this time, Sunday morning livestreaming will continue to be our primary worship gathering, in order to exclude the least number of our beloved members.  We will begin experimenting with outdoor worship experiences for smaller gatherings throughout the summer.

We’ve created a summary “What does this mean for me?” document to help answer your questions about worship, meetings, using the building, etc. Here’s a 5-minute message from our pastors that summarizes a lot of what the plan specifies for our life together: https://youtu.be/nE5kuKUk-2M