Together we grow in faith – through worship, formation, mission, and fellowship – for the sake of the world.

Worship this week

Sunday Livestream

Join us for worship this Sunday at 9am!
Bulletin here: May 24, 2020

Sunday School

Join us 10:30 Sunday for our Sunday School Stream!
Join here: https://youtu.be/Ioy9UdJhxGs

Materials (including children’s bulletin for worship) here: https://illstrtdm.in/EasterWeek7

A note about holy communion:

While we keep ourselves separate to steward each others’ health, we are including Holy Communion during our livestream on Sundays. Our goal is to experience Communion together, even while apart; immediate, not something available as a recording that someone might use later; organic, not something prepackaged or purchased; both safe and accessible, so people don’t need to travel/have contact with others to pick things up. Please note: extraordinary times like these require us to depart from our usual practices. We all eagerly look forward to the time when we can leave these extraordinary measures behind and return to safely gathering in person on Sundays, as is our norm!

Here’s what you need to prepare in advance: Before Sunday’s service, choose a plate and cup that you will use for Communion in your space. Find some bread (whatever kind works for you; even a cracker can do in a pinch) and, if you have it, grape juice or wine. Note that if you don’t have grape juice or wine, that’s perfectly OK; our theology teaches that receiving Christ in one element (i.e. just bread or just wine) is more than sufficient! You can leave an empty cup ready as a sign of that overabundance of blessing. We also recommend having a candle handy, which you can light throughout the Sunday service, if that is safe for you, to help create a worshipful space in the midst of our homes which are also offices and schools in this time!  

Holden Evening Prayer

Lent is over but our need for respite, prayer, and encouragement in these days is not – so we will continue to gather on Wednesdays for worship and a short devotion.