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Pipe Organ Recital Now On-line

Christ Lutheran Church, Valparaiso, welcomed an opportunity to purchase a previously utilized 31-rank Zimmer and Sons Pipe Organ from the generosity and faithfulness of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Saint Louis.  Christ Lutheran Church worked with Berghaus Organ Builders to relocate and refurbish the instrument to its present location at Christ Lutheran Church.  The “first notes” for this pipe organ in its new home were Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018.

 The new instrument was officially dedicated on June 3, 2018 during a “Praise to the Lord” dedication recital by Dr. John Bernthal.  The dedication recital presented by Dr. John Bernthal included works of Buxtehude, Barber, Bach, Franck, and Saint-Saëns as well as several short preludes based on familiar hymns.  The music selected for recital explored the wide range of colorful sound combinations of the organ and its flexibility.  A special Rite of Dedication by Pastor Timothy Knauff Jr. occurred during the recital and the congregation gratefully sang “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”.

 Please enjoy the wonderful sounds of this amazing instrument.

Recital (Part 1):     https://youtu.be/fzUyEGwXVMM

Recital (Part 2):     https://youtu.be/q1Y5vzlHyow