Just Imagine

1-Just Imagine LOGOFor the past several years we have been shaped by the gift of our expanded facilities. We have celebrated lives we’ve shared, borne witness to lives united in promise, and promised ourselves to new lives baptized into Christ. Our Gathering Space has become a hub of connection, hospitality, and fellowship. Our nursery and childcare areas allow us to provide top-notch care for our youngest treasures, enabling parents and families to participate in worship and other gatherings. Our meeting areas have given us the ability to host Bible studies, community meetings, and support groups. We have added new members, welcomed many guests, baptized children and adults, celebrated the lives of our treasures, prayed for our community, and together given witness and praise to God.

It is abundantly clear the Holy Spirit isn’t finished with us yet. In fact, after much discussion and prayer, we have become convinced we are being invited to lay a groundwork for even bigger things to come. Through our hard work and faithfulness we have a beautiful space for shaping disciples; now, we have an opportunity to put ourselves on a footing to build ministries for the future. By addressing our mortgage principal and deferred maintenance on our facilities, we prepare ourselves for the future God has in mind – for ministry, for service, for growing in faith and following Jesus – through the Just Imagine Ministry Campaign.

Through these next weeks and months you will be introduced to a leadership team who has felt God’s call to lay a groundwork for the future. Together we will explore our own story, what God has done in and through and beyond this community. You will be invited into holy conversations about the future God has in mind, imagining together what God is about to do in and through us.  Just Imagine what God has in mind for us next!

Questions?  Ideas? Responses?  Prayer requests?  Let us know!




Holy Conversations: