What can I expect in worship?

What are the worship times?

We worship Sundays at 8 and 10:30am, with a dedicated Faith Formation (and fellowship!) hour at 9:20am.  Seasonally we offer Lent and Advent Wednesday evening prayer services.

During the summer, we have an additional mid-week Thursday evening service at 7:00pm.

What is the style of worship?

Our services use traditional Lutheran liturgies, and provide organ, piano and/or instrument music and hymns from Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  All of our worship services feature singing, Bible readings, a sermon, prayers, and special music.

We celebrate Communion at all services.  Whenever children are present, the pastors expect to have a time on the floor with them to talk together about Jesus.

Am I invited to take Communion?

Absolutely.  We understand Communion to be the family meal of the Body of Christ, and take Jesus very seriously when he told us he wants to celebrate it with everybody.  All baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord’s table; children are welcome to take Communion with the permission of their parents (and the pastors will have a special blessing for them if they choose not to partake).

Which entrance is best?

Our main parking lot is around the back of the church, and the door at the front of the drop-off circle gives the best access to the sanctuary.  When you enter, the greeters at the Welcome Center right there can give any help you might need — and have a gift for you.

Is there a nursery available?

Absolutely.  Our fully equipped and staffed Nursery is available for infants and toddlers through age 3 during all services.  The Nursery is located west of our gathering area in Rooms 110A & 110B.  Note that activity bags, drawing pads, and more are also available for all young people in the worship space itself.

Are children welcome in worship?

Absolutely.  We know that God’s people come in all shapes and sizes – it is a gift to the whole community when the smallest of us are present!  Sitting with parents and learning to treasure times of worship is the foundation for helping build a growing faith in a child’s life.  There’s some noise and movement that we expect from little ones – feel free to make use of the activity bags, doodle pads, and cry room at the back of the sanctuary as needed.  We like to say that “God put the wiggle in them” — and we’re all about celebrating what God is up to!

What should I wear?

Our focus is never on what people wear; we’re just glad to be together.  As a general rule, you’ll see most people wearing jeans to business casual. Some will wear suits.

Is your facility accessible?

Absolutely.  We are 100% accessible, with no stairs or any other barrier to participation throughout the building.  We are 100% committed to welcoming you here!