For Children

We are a congregation that celebrates and enjoys the gift of young lives that make up our community.  Children are welcome in all things and at all times — worship, classes, events, activities, they are welcome here.  We know that having young people with us means wiggles and whispers, and we’re OK with that; it seems to us God put the wiggle in them, so we should celebrate it!  

Children are welcome and invited into worship with us.  With parental consent, they are welcome to celebrate Holy Communion with us.  If more supervised assistance is needed (for the parents!), CLC provides:

  • Children’s Time with the Pastors to learn together
  • Faith Formation (Sunday School)three years old through adults
  • Activity Bags — available at the back of the worship space
  • CLC Doodle Pads for quiet drawing, sermon art, etc.
  • Cry Room  with audio and a view of the worship space
  • Staffed Nursery during worship (infants and children up to three years old)

What we have learned is that whatever sacrifice of energy and effort we can make to include children in worship is multiplied as the good news of God’s love takes root in their (and our!) lives.