The Christ Lutheran Church Library offers freely-available resources to support our ministries of faith formation and life change.

What does the Library contain?

  • Approximately 1,100 books covering ethics, biographies of religious figures, novels, devotions, Biblical helps, collections for children, parents, adults, and singles.
  • A special Wangerin Collection of books, audiocassettes, and videos by our fellow member, Walter Wangerin, Jr. Walt is the Emil & Elfrieda Jochum Professor at Valparaiso University, an award-winning author, and renown storyteller.
  • Books by and about Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer as well as other works by local authors are also available in the Library.

Where is the Library located?

The Library is located in the Gathering Space outside the Sanctuary.  The collection is displayed there.   Additional Library resources are in Room 120 directly behind the Library Collection.  The furnishings of the Gathering Space, as well as Room 120, offer a comfortable place in which to read and view resources.

When and How may I use the Library?

The Library may be used during the week, whenever the church building is open, on a “self-serve” basis. Books are arranged according to user-friendly topics , B for Bibles, C for Children, D for Devotions, F for Family, L for Luther, etc.  Searching for materials may be done by using the binder which contains sections by Author, Title, and Topic Codes.  All materials my be borrowed from the Library on a “self” checkout system.  Please fill in the book card by including the current date, your name and you telephone or cell number.  Return the borrowed materials in a timely manner by placing them in the book return box located on a lower Library shelf.