First off, thank you for what you do. As your children are pulled in a million different directions, you are also pulled in a million different directions. I hope that you will view our programs at CLC as more than just ‘one more thing’. A strong Christian foundation has a lasting impact on young people and will guide them through a lifetime of experiences – good and bad. We, as a church, want to love and support your whole family!

You are welcome to observe our ministry in action. We encourage you to get to know other parents and attend family events. We also have resources and books available regarding teens, families, and parents, that cover a wide variety of topics. Whatever support you need, we will help you get it.

Important Forms

Medical Form – this general waiver and medical release form is for all youth participating in any activities with CLC’s youth ministries. If the unthinkable were to happen, this form empowers us to make the right choices for your child as quickly as possible!

Below is a list of internet links with resources on parenting and teen issues

Get Net Wise – research, information, and guides on internet safety and other issues with kids/teens and technology

Web Healing – offers help and resources on grief, loss, and the grieving process

Barna Research Group – Cutting-edge research from one of the largest Christian research and church research organization in the world – tools and guides from the Southern Poverty Law Center on promoting tolerance

RadioU – Online Christian radio station that plays pop, rock, metal, rap/hip-hop, and electronica

XXXChurch – Christian website with tools to help overcome internet pornography and sex addiction, also sells monitoring software for computers and cell phones (X3Watch)